About Taste Seattle Food Tours

Our motto at Taste Seattle Food Tours is to Live Life With Flavor and Fun and we believe our walking tours do just that. Pioneer Square is the birthplace of Seattle and we help our guests explore the neighborhood by tasting our way through a food and cultural experience one taste at a time. We developed our tour by researching the diverse food and drink being offered in Seattle’s first neighborhood. What we found is there is truly a culinary renaissance happening.

Our inspiration is very personal and comes from our passion for delicious food (life is too short to eat bad food) and discovering a place through our senses: taste, sight, sounds and textures.  We believe a tasting experience is one of the most fun ways to experience our surroundings. Taste Seattle Food Tours is about sharing those experiences with community and visitors because it’s that much more fun when you share something you love.

A good teacher is always one that can make it fun to learn. Our main objective is to help our guests experience tasty, local food and drink, while sneaking in some history, interesting cultural facts and architecture so you feel a little smarter at the end of the tour.

We’ll show you the neighborhood in a relaxed pace providing you with a backstage pass into the hottest culinary neighborhood in Seattle. You’ll be introduced to local businesses and hear their stories that provide some of the color that gives Pioneer Square so much character.

If you are visiting Seattle, we recommend you take our tour at the beginning of your journey so you have time to return to the neighborhood and enjoy the many wonderful shops and restaurants the neighborhood has to offer.

Join us to share our discoveries of Pioneer Square and the unique historical and cultural story this neighborhood has to tell. We will introduce you to the rejuvenated Pioneer Square over a three hour walking stroll making eight stops to taste food and craft drinks. Come hungry and anxious to explore the newness of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood.

The Team

Roen Ako

Seattle Food Tour Guide

Roen had the arduous task of growing up on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. She did a lot of the traditional Hawaiian activities like going to the beach, surfing and studying hula dance.  She also tapped into her audacious side with more adventurous activities like open sea spear fishing.  She learned the ancient art of skin diving from her father and how to hunt and provide food for the family. Very cave-woman-esk!  Food is after all born out of a necessity to stay alive.

She decided to leave the island to attend school and picked Seattle (Seattle University specifically) to study Accounting and was on the school dance team (mostly hip-hop and no hula).  Something about Seattle got into her DNA and she gave up the warm trade winds and beautiful sunny beaches of Hawaii for the milder and not so sunny climate of Seattle.  Roen makes it a point to return home to Hawaii each year officially to see her family, but off the record it’s really to eat her mom’s traditional home cooking, have a lunch plate, some poi and poke.  So ono (Hawaiian for delicious)!

Felicia Watson

Tour Guide Felicia
Felicia began life in a small rural community and the land-locked state of Utah. She gained an early appreciation for fresh produce as her parents planted a huge garden every summer. She believed early on that she didn’t like seafood (do fish sticks really count as seafood)?  After high school, she ventured out into the world and lived on ten different islands over a span of four years.  There she discovered fresh food from the sea is a life altering event.  She has since been to over 25 different countries and found the best part of traveling to be experiencing a different culture through food.

She has called Seattle home now for almost two decades. This is truly where her culinary passion came to life experiencing the bounty the Northwest has to offer.  She’s an avid supporter of local, seasonal food, farmer’s markets and eating at the many amazing restaurants we have in Seattle.  She united her love of writing and food and is a co-author of a local food blog.  Taste Seattle Food Tours is the perfect vehicle for Felicia to share her passion for local Seattle food hotspots with both locals and visitors to the Emerald City.

Katie Portante

Katie grew up in Connecticut under the pull the big city lights of New York City and Boston, but decided to trade the Northeast for the Northwest after a summer job at a cafe in Montana got her hooked on the beauty and splendor of the West. Eating the best homemade pie with Glacier National Park as your backyard can do that to a girl. She’s been living in Seattle for the past four years and has wholly assimilated to her adopted Pacific Northwest culture with great success, save the persistent fondness for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that will always mark her as a born-and-bred New Englander.